The Solo Shuttle Trailer is a kayak trailer for your bike that also transforms into a rigging platform that securely mounts your bike to your kayak. It eliminates the logistical problems associated with solo kayaking such as: driving back and forth to drop off your gear, leaving that gear unattendedĀ  in the bushes, and the all too popular just not going at all.
Its simple skeletal design has been revised several times to produce the lightest, toughest, and only kayak bike trailer that allows you to take all your gear with you on the market today. Adherence to strict tolerances and quality craftsmanship is the only way to provide smooth tracking on land and perfect balance on the water. It is constructed out of high grade 6061 aluminum and stainless steel hardware to resist the most corrosive environments. The flotation blocks gives enough buoyancy to keep your trailer and bike afloat just in case.

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