The worlds finest kayak bike trailer.

Imagine its Saturday morning you wake up have a cup of coffee. The sun is starting to come up. You step out into the backyard. The weather is perfect. You have no where to be for a few hours. The river is up a little. You have only been able to use your kayak a couple of times so far this season. Now is the perfect time go. You need to go now. Too many times I missed those opportunities that is why I developed the Solo Shuttle Trailer. Please show your support, get some awesome rewards, and help me share this creation with others that have missed those perfect opportunities . Just hit the link below and pledge to our Kickstarter campaign. Thank You.

Freedom To Adventue!

The Solo Shuttle Trailer has been designed for the inherently stable kayak models popular among recreational paddlers, fitness buffs, and anglers. Paddling solo can be a very safe and enjoyable experience, but anytime a land mammal takes to the water there are risks involved. To minimize these risks always wear a pfd. Know your skill level be honest with yourself, a solo trip is not the time to test your limits! Have a plan, just take a second to think of how you need to react if you get wet. Then relax and enjoy the amazing creation all around you!